[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Director: Carol Banker

Writers: Richard Hatem & Jeffrey David Thomas

Starring: Brenton Thwaites, Curran Walters and Anna Diop



After Jason Todd, Dick Grayson’s replacement as the new Robin, helps Grayson escape, the two go to a safehouse owned by Bruce Wayne. Along the way, Grayson is shocked to hear, not only how quickly he was replaced, but some of the things Batman has allowed this new Robin to do that he was never allowed.

At the safehouse, Jason informs Grayson that his old Circus friends have all been targeted and all, but one, has been murdered.   Grayson sets out to find the killer and save the last of his Circus friends.

They find his friend working security at a club and Grayson reaches out to him. But after a diversion, his friend is kidnapped by the killer.

Grayson seeks the man out and discovers the who the killer is as well as his link to his past.

Robin and Robin work together to save Grayson’s friend, but Grayson quickly realizes there is a darkness in this new Robin.


Titans - Jason Todd - DC Comics News



Like the ‘Doom Patrol’ episode, this episode does little to progress the actual overall story arc, but it does wonders in establishing a bigger universe. It really gives depth to Dick Grayson while also introducing a great new character.

In the beginning, it’s impossible not to like Jason Todd. His enthusiasm about his new role is a breath of fresh air after Grayson’s regret of the role. But we quickly see a new layer to Jason when he sneaks into a bar and then later when he fights off cops. This depiction is very true to the comics and makes me really excited to see where they take his character in future episodes. If it’s anything like the comics, then we can expect some seriously dramatic things to occur.

Brenton Thwaites acting has been great throughout the series, but he takes it to another level in this episode. His subtext throughout this episode is fantastic. You can clearly see his frustration with the idea of him being replaced while at the same time he finds himself actually liking Jason, and he does it all without saying a word.

Curran Walters also does a fantastic job. One minute he is a likable, enthusiastic guy, then the next, he is a punk drunk with his new status and power.

 Jason Todd - DC Comics News


The only negative would be the lack of progress of the main story line and the lack of the actual members of the Titans. Because of that, this episode almost felt more like an episode of a new Batman series than the Titans. But again, with what this episode accomplishes for the bigger DC Universe greatly makes up for that.

Titans - Robin - DC Comics News


Another great episode that really gives depth to the Grayson character, who is already a great character on the show. It made Grayson take a look at himself in a different light. He realizes now the moniker of Robin isn’t his, it’s Batman’s and maybe he isn’t as dark as he thought he was. You can tell he is considering something new, and we can only conclude that will lead to Nightwing. This episode may have taken the show’s main story line off track for a minute, but it is well worth it.


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