Justice League Dark Script Was Completed According To Guillermo del Toro

by Joseph Marcas
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A Justice League Dark movie has been in development over at Warner Bros Studios for years now but has had trouble becoming a fully realized film. One of the names that was attached in the beginning was now Oscar winning director Guillermo del Toro, who took to Twitter to reveal that he had written a complete screenplay for the movie.

There have been many movies that have been announced, teased, or otherwise hinted at that were expected to eventually become part of the DC Extended Universe but, for whatever reason, have failed to see the light of day. Unfortunately, one of those movies, Justice League Dark, is currently sitting in development limbo.

But that’s not to say that nothing has ever been in the works with this movie. Its first director, the aforementioned del Toro, completed a script. Take a look at what the director had to say about the project.

“To be clear these screenplays are WRITTEN, done. Each of them took months or years of my life. Meetings, synopsis, beat sheets and were all written, features- 90-130 pages each. These are not ‘maybes’ or ‘wish list’ items. They are done.”

So there is a script apparently but del Toro left the project back in 2014 – only one year after the movie was first announced. Following del Toro’s departure, director Doug Liman took the torch as was expected to work on the film.

Sadly, history repeated itself when Linan left the movie in 2017 due to scheduling conflicts and as of now there is no script publicly known outside of this del Toro version.

Hopefully, even though it will never be used, it would be great to see the script released someday just for the sake of posterity and to see what could’ve of been.

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