Review: Electric Warriors #2

by Konrad Secord-Reitz
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[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writer: Steve Orlando

Artists: Travel Foreman

Colors: Hi-Fi

Letters: Travis Lanham



As Ian Navarro settles into his new life as an Electric Warrior for Earth, we get to see the less than glamorous world of one of Earth’s two chosen warriors. Within short order he is fighting against the warriors of other planets in the twisted gladiatorial arena where a planets win or lose critical resources.

Courageous Drinks
New Life


Foreman’s rendition of some classic and a host of new characters is done well making them interesting with a variety of augmented body parts or alien appendages. Hi-Fi’s coloring of this world adds a beautiful candy-gloss finish to every texture in Electric Warriors. You can see this best in the skin of each character where they are rendered with a matte color through the whole body and then shadowing is added in with no variation of the coloring in the skin. The effects of character’s powers look great in the comic as well, being vibrant and threatening. Light also reflects off of the fighters in a hazy and glowing manner adding to the rendering of the panels.


As the only planet to submit two warriors to the fight, their stakes are also double. However, the inevitable happens. Both Ian and Kana don’t like each other and in typical fashion, they now must fighter each other. This is a common trend among literature, two unsteady allies quickly turning to fight each other.



Electric Warriors #2 was a gorgeous issue with great panel work but a less than stellar writing.


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