Ian Ziering Cast in ‘Swamp Thing’

Blue Devil - DC Comics News

With Swamp Thing currently filming, casting news has been popping up left and right for the new DC Universe series. The latest news is that they have now cast their Blue Devil for the show.

None other than Ian Ziering of Sharknado and Beverly Hills 90210 fame has been cast as the stuntman that is turned into the hero known as Blue Devil.

Ziering described the character:

Stuntman turned movie star, Daniel Cassidy became semi-famous after playing the demonic Blue Devil. But now, eight years later, Cassidy finds himself living out his days in frustration, pining for his former fame while on a collision course with destiny.

Based on that description, it sounds as if we will get to know Cassidy before his life-changing incident.  Cassidy was a special effects wizard, that created the Blue Devil demon costume for a movie. But when the real demon Nebiros is released, Nebiros mistakes Cassidy as another demon and attacks him. Nebiros mystical attack permanently grafts Cassidy to his Blue Devil costume and the Blue Devil is born.

DC Universe has not set a premiere date for Swamp Thing as of yet.


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