Batman #75 Kicks Off Huge Bat Event And The End Of King’s Run

by Brad Filicky
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In a recent Tweet, writer Tom King gave some insight on the future of his Batman stories, including marking where the “Bat event” that will end his run is scheduled to begin. The Tweet reads:

“Coming in Batman #60 (Wednesday) wraps up post-wedding ‘Cold Days’ arc,” reads King’s tweet. “61-69 ‘Knightmares’. Epic arc scraping at the soul of Batman. (With a Flash break at 64, 65). 70-74: ‘The Fall and the Fallen’. 75-: A huge Bat event with a secret name that sets us up for the end at 105.”

If Batman maintains its twice-monthly release schedule, Batman #75 would be released in late July 2019.

King has expressed his plans to author a 100 issue run on Batman. The latest solicited issues, #64 and 65, are scheduled to be released in February, and feature a story written by Josh Williamson – the aforementioned Flash break.

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