Review: The Silencer #12

by Carl Bryan
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[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writers: Jack Herbert and Dan Abnett

Artists: Tom Derenick

Colors: Mike Spicer

Letters: Tom Napolitano



The Leviathan knows no boundaries and Talia Al Ghul is ready to show the Silencer that she has her cornered on all levels.  What happens when a love for one’s family is so strong that even self-sacrifice seems too much?

Honor’s past comes full circle to haunt her as Talia and she battle both physically and emotionally.  Honor realizes she cannot defeat Talia as she will keep coming back via Lazarus Pits, thus Leviathan will never cease to exist.  However, Talia, in her admiration of Honor as a warrior, offers her the assurance of her husband and child’s safety.  Talia admits that it is the perfect solution as Talia desires the World, however, Honor wants nothing more than the safety of her family.  If the family perishes, Hell hath no fury like a Silencer scorned! However, if you think this story is all sewn up with a vow of allegiance and a simple “Let by gones be by gones”, you are terribly wrong.  This is Talia Al Ghul!


Jack Herbert and Dan Abnett are as fine a writing duo that weaves a new chapter into Talia Al Ghul’s complete evil.  The rage that former Robins as well as her own son Damian feels towards Talia is recognized through their pens, and we find that she creates an infinite number of  enemies among her own Leviathan.  The Silencer’s run from the Leviathan and Talia’s service has ended. and a in the words of Pacino “They keep pulling me back in!”.  Spicer’s colors provide a great action backdrop.  The snow and ice is a great metaphor for how cold Talia really is and where her compound should be!  And her beauty is constantly on display through Spicer’s pencils!

I’m loving the story line, and this issue’s immediate cliffhanger was phenomenal.  It’s not all a battle royale all the time, but a psychological thriller as well.  A conundrum at every turn!  Great writing and great art!



This much Talia deserves a Damian appearance…. or at least her father…..?  I’m not sure that Ra’s Al Ghul can even reel in Talia now with the Leviathan at her disposal.  What a story line that would be… The Leviathan versus the League of Shadows…..!



After a dozen issues, it is not too late to add the Silencer to your constant readership.  It is an official part of the Batman saga via Talia Al Ghul and the Silencer’s skill set seems to be developing more and more!  It’s a keeper for a new title and turning the corner for the new year should provide more twists and turns…..provided the cliff hanger ending gets resolved!


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