Gotham Trailer Teases Batman!

by Jay
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It took five years, but finally Gotham fans has had their first look at David Maszouz as Bruce Wayne’s infamous alter-ego.

Sort of.

The recently released teaser for Season 5’s second episode entitled “Trespassers” released a handful of imagery seeded with easter eggs: Riddler and Penguin coming to blows, Bane wreaking havoc, Wayne Manor demolished and a different Selina Kyle who seems to have changed and is distant. We see Bruce sporting a grapple gun, and Jim Gordon challenged by Cobblepot. Above it all was the much-anticipated second round between Bruce and the insane Jeremiah in a very familiar setting to comic book fans.

But the easter egg that draws the most attention is The Dark Knight himself running through the mists away from the camera. Is this the first footage of David’s Batsuit? And does the green glow under the catwalk in those scenes with Bruce and Jeremiah hint at the birth of The Clown Prince of Crime?

Fox released the following episode description:

Gordon and Bullock investigate a location where several kids have been kidnapped. Barbara proves to be an unlikely ally to Gordon. Meanwhile, Bruce looks into an alleged witch with healing powers for Selina, and Nygma deals with demons of his own.”

Catch the second episode of Gotham on Fox on Thursday January 10 at 9/8 central. Click the link below to watch the teaser.

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