“Batwoman” Pilot Casts Tandy, Johnson, and Kang

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The CW’s development of the green-lit Batwoman pilot – the first DC superhero series with a LGBT lead character played by actress Ruby Rose – is picking up speed, especially in its casting. To that end Camrus Johnson, Meghan Tandy, and Nicole Kang have already been cast in key roles for the series – if it’s picked up by the network. The pilot is being written by Caroline Dries (Transfomers: Bumblebee) and directed by David Nutter. Former DC Entertainment President Geoff Johns will produce it under his new banner of Mad Ghost Productions.

The pilot expands the world of Kate Kane whose character was established in the recent Arrowverse Crossover “Elseworlds.” Bruce Wayne and his infamous alter-ego, Batman, vanished under mysterious circumstances several years back, leaving Gotham to be conquered and divided up by the criminal underworld. Wayne Enterprises – a once-prosperous corporate hub of Gotham also vacated by its investors – then fell into the hands of his cousin, Kate. At the time of “Elseworlds,” Kate was striving to turn the abandoned company into a real estate firm while protecting Gotham alone as Batwoman. However, the loner in the show will not be without aid in her mission, as this pilot will establish those foundations. Her portrayer, Rose is also known for her appearance in the recent John Wick: Chapter 2 and Resident Evil: Extinction.

Johnson, best known recently for his work as Torre on Netflix Marvel’s Luke Cage, is set to play Luke Fox, son of infamous Wayne Enterprises R & D director Lucius Fox in the comics. His character is described as the self-appointed custodian of all things related to Batman and, like his father, helps Kate Kane manage the company in the stead of the long-vanished Bruce Wayne.

Nicole Kang’s character is that of Kate’s stepsister Mary Hamilton, an excitable character that lacks a filter yet connects with Kate in her concern for Gotham’s underprivileged communities. Kang’s resume includes the series You on Lifetime, which is also produced by Greg Berlanti.

Lastly, Teen Wolf‘s Meagan Tandy will portray Sophie Moore, a private security agent with an impressive military record and a softer side brought out by Kate Kane’s return. Tandy’s other acting credits include UnReal, Survivor’s Remorse, and a recent appearance on the rebooted Charmed on the CW.

There is no scheduled premiere date for Batwoman presently.

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