Is Warner Bros Planning a ‘Birds of Prey’ Trilogy?

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Following the release of the first Birds of Prey teaser comes news that Warner Bros may already have plans to bring the team back to movie screens. The Hollywood Reporter, in an article on potential villains for Matt Reeves’s upcoming The Batman, revealed rumors the studio is looking at a film trilogy that would include both Gotham City Sirens and a crossover movie uniting both groups:

With Birds of Prey rumored to lead to a trilogy comprised of Gotham City Sirens and Birds vs. Sirens features, Catwoman certainly won’t be kept off screen for long.

The comics version of the Sirens includes Catwoman, Harley, and Poison Ivy. THR comments that Warner Bros. has developing a Sirens movie for years, and that Suicide Squad director David Ayer was once attached to the project.

Birds of Prey lands in theaters on February 7, 2020.

Kevin Sharp

From alternating Batman & Green Lantern as childhood Halloween costumes, to getting punched in my adolescent heart by Love & Rockets, to playing convention sidekick to the legendary Len Wein, the comics medium and characters feel like a part of my DNA.