2019 is DC’s Year of the Villain!

Free Comic Day gets dangerous when DC releases a very special one-shot issue featuring original stories by superstar writers Scott Snyder, James Tynion IV, and Brian Michael Bendis, hinting at dark times ahead for our heroes.

Dastardly deeds and evil intentions will be rewarded this season, as DC Comics officially proclaims 2019 is DC’s Year of the Villain. This is also the title of an exclusive original comic that will be hitting stands on Wednesday, May 1 just in time to kick-off fan anticipation over Free Comic Book Day which lands on Saturday, May 4 this year. The one-shot will feature original stories from Scott Snyder, James Tynion IV, and Brian Michael Bendis and will spotlight our heroes’ most diabolical adversaries.

The special issue is also promising to “set the stage” for some of the most highly anticipated events of the summer and fall. If you’ve been following Snyder and Tynion’s work on Justice League then you’ll be fully investigated in Lex Luthor’s grand scheme which has involved calling forth the all-powerful presence of Perpertua. Now that she has been freed from the confines of the Source Wall, Luthor is bent on using Perpertua’s power to reshape the multiverse in his own image to do the bidding of the Legion of Doom!

Superman has had his hands full ever since Bendis took over the Man of Steel’s titles. Most recently the threat of Leviathan has reared its ugly head in Metropolis, but what it will all mean for Superman and the rest of the DC Universe will have to wait, and will be incorporated into the events of the company-wide story arc “Leviathan Rising”. Even the Batman can’t escape new threats and none has capitalized on more of the Dark Knight’s energy than the doppelgänger known as the Batman Who Laughs! 

DC’s Year of the Villain will put the spotlight on the notorious plans of these fan-favorite bad guys, while preparing readers for some truly chilling publishing-wide events later this summer and fall, that will undoubtedly play into the many subplots that have been plaguing the Justice League, especially Batman who will face off against one of his deadliest enemies in summer’s “City of Bane”. It looks like our heroes aren’t going to be getting a break this summer, and if you want to get ahead of it all pick up DC’s Year of the Villain at your own risk!

DC’s Year of the Villain will hit stands on Wednesday, May 1 and will feature original stories from Scott Snyder, James Tynion IV, and Brian Michael Bendis, with variant cover art from Jim Cheung, Stanley “ArtGerm” Lau and Alex Maleev. The official cover will be by none other than Greg Capullo. The special one-shot is priced at just 25 cents and will mark the festivities leading up to Free Comic Book Day 2019 on Saturday, May 4. #YearOfTheVillain #FreeComicBookDay2019


JC Alvarez

JC Alvarez

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