Review: Curse of Brimstone #12 (Final issue)

by Tony Farina
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[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writer: Justin Jordan

Art: John Stanisci and Denys Cowan

Inker: Julio Ferrera

Letters: Wes Abbott



The final epic battle between Joe (Brimstone), Annie, the Salesman (people?) and Infernal happens just as you think it would. Snow, fire, bullets. Then, there is a lot of talking and finally, a huge fire and snow battle and then, more talking.


I am no artist, so maybe I am easily impressed, but I really love what Stanisci does in this book. The final page is pretty great, but the three pages before that and the first three pages of the book are really excellent. Drawing a battle between elements seems difficult and yet, he pulls it off. Let us gaze upon his handiwork shall we?



As has been the case from the jump on this book, exposition has killed it. Seriously, there is a scene pretty early on in this book where Infernal, who admittedly is a great villain literally explains everything as Annie is being swallowed up by the earth. It is Batman ’66 bad.

Joe was just never a good lead. He whined and was did some silly things and honestly, without Annie, he would have died in issue #1. I know calling a book, “smart woman who goes to night school” isn’t going to sell a lot of issues, but honestly, I really liked Annie so I might have picked that up.


I almost wonder if this book would have worked better as a novel, with some drawings instead of a comic. I feel like Jordan has a personal story to tell here and this was just the wrong venue. I really loved Annie as a character and ultimately, this is her book and that ending, well, it really could have been something with her.  I would have loved to see her continue on, but I understand why this book must come to an end.

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