Titans Season 2 Adds Jericho

by Cameron Tevis
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With the recent news that Esai Morales has been cast as Deathstroke, many wondered if his son Jericho, would be making an appearance in the series.

With the announcement that YouTuber and Instagram star, Chella Man has been cast as Jericho, that question has now been answered.

In the comics Jericho is mute due to having his throat slit. Chella Man is no stranger to adversity. He was born with progressive hearing loss and is transitioning for being born with gender dysphoria.

It isn’t clear how big a role Jericho will play in the series, but it does reveal that Deathstroke plays an important role in the series. The only question now is, will Rose Wilson, Jericho’s sister make an appearance too?


Chella Man - DC Comics News

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