Dwayne Johnson Gives Black Adam Update While Thanking Fans

by Cameron Tevis
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After 10 plus years of being attached to the project, it looks like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson may finally be ready to film the Black Adam solo film.

What finally got the ball rolling on the project after all this time? That would be the success of Shazam!.  Black Adam is Shazam’s archenemy but rather than try to force two origins in a single movie it was decided that Black Adam would get a solo film before facing off against Earth’s Mightiest Mortal. Of course, part of this decision was due to Johnson’s A-list position in Hollywood. Warner Brothers knows Johnson has the popularity to drive a film on his own, despite his character being a villain.

Johnson has been attached to Black Adam for so long, that he even acted as a Producer on the Shazam! film. Once Shazam! conquered opening weekend and was officially a hit that won over critics and fans alike, Johnson took to Instagram with a message thanking everyone.

Besides his heartfelt thank you, he updates everyone on the current status of Black Adam and ensures everyone is he film is in the roster. He even said filming should start within a year.

Check it out here:


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