Lois and Jimmy Get Their Own Books This Summer!

by Jay
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Two of The Man of Steel’s central supporting cast will dash away the summertime blues with a 12-issue miniseries each.

Writer Greg Rucka and artist Greg Perkins have been tasked with the series Lois Lane, focusing on Clark Kent’s soul mate and mother of Jon Kent aka Superboy in her day-to-day job as an investigative reporter. Superman’s Pal, Jimmy Olsen, meanwhile, guided by writer Matt Fraction and artist Steve Lieber, will focus on the boy photographer’s exploits via a vlog he’s producing.

Rucka, best known for his run on Batman titles such as Gotham Central – one of the bases for FOX’s hit series Gotham ending this week after five seasons – approaches his series by focusing on both the humanity and the formidability that make Lois truly a match for Clark Kent. “[Lois Lane] is the best investigative reporter in the DC Universe. [This] is our truth, and what this book is about. Lois is often described as fearless, but that’s a mistake, because it implies that nothing frightens her. There’s plenty that frightens her, [but] it never stops her. She was like that before Superman entered her life, and so she remains.”

Perkins adds that the direction of the book is to bring out the best of comicdom’s quintessential female protagonist that has inspired generations of female fans since her first appearance in Action Comics #1, alongside her future beau in 1938. Thankfully, those qualities are not only relevant today, but necessary as well. “Lois is after the truth no matter what the political divide her person of interest stands on. That’s some pretty potent, powerful attributes for a portrayal of integrity in an age of ‘fake news.'”

As for Lois’s bow-tied go-to for the best shots to complement her words, Fraction and Lieber are bringing Jimmy into the 21st century by swapping photography for a vlog that, of course, brings unwanted attention. Fraction sets up Olsen’s videos as “the only thing that’s keeping the Daily Planet’s lights on anymore. They have to let him keep doing his thing because it’s the only thing that pays the bills.” However, it’s a love-hate relationship, as the Planet has to pay for the collateral damage caused by the risks Jimmy’s vlog entails.

Lieber notes that focusing on a 20-something everyman/vlogger in Superman’s world and the outlandish factors that exist is “a chance to be funny in the world full of so many larger than life characters.”

The one-shot Superman: Leviathan Rising on May 29th will debut both series with a prequel subplot each, and both books will hit the stands sometime in July.

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