Supergirl Star Andrea Brooks: Kara’s Secret ID Not a Priority?

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The secret identity is the staple of every superhero lifestyle. That motif has been spotlighted on the CW hit series Supergirl  and Lex Luthor’s number one girl has the scoop on where things are going with it.

Working Girl…and Supergirl

Kara Danvers (Melissa Benoist) has spent the last four seasons successfully maintaining her dual persona. Although difficult at times, she has managed to keep both lives separate.

However, since Red Daughter has framed Supergirl in a White House attack, Kara has had to fight the good fight behind those glasses. Eve Tessmacher, Lena Luthor’s former assistant-turned-traitor, forced Kara into a position  where her identity could have been revealed.

Naturally, that trap failed thanks to Kara’s abilities, but Lena (Katie McGrath) blamed herself since she was the target. Kara almost revealed her secret to Lena to assuage that guilt. However, Lena’s lamenting over the heartbreak of Eve’s betrayal convinced her to stop.

A Deeper Betrayal?

When it comes to Lena, Kara’s secret identity has become the pin in a love-hate grenade that fans have been eager to see pulled. Since coming to National City, Lena’s sense of trust has been continuously shaken by both family and friends.

That trust is being shaken by Eve as well as Lex’s blindsiding her to cure his cancer. Furthermore, his journals in prison reveal that he had next to no affection towards her beneath the facade of a caring brother. Through it all, she has had both her relationship with James Olsen (Mehad Brooks) and her friendship with Kara.

With all that taken into consideration, learning that Kara is Supergirl at this point would be wrought with bad timing. Some have speculated that this revelation could push Lena down her brother’s path of villainy.

Kara has become her best friend, probably the only one she can confide in. To discover her secret now would only parallel Eve’s betrayal. The backlash could also have a domino effect on her relationship with James, a confidante of both Kara and Clark.

Not on the Luthor Table?

However, Andrea Brooks, the duplicitous Eve herself, reveals that exploiting Kara’s secret isn’t a priority for Miss Tessmacher and Lex (Jon Cryer). “They’re really concerned about their efforts to take over the world, global domination, universal domination, ” she explains. “I don’t think it’s been their priority, but I think there might be some ability to reveal this in a way that might be hurtful, and that might be one reason why they would do it.”

Catch the season finale of Supergirl next Sunday May 19th at 8/7 Central on The CW.

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