Robert Pattinson is Officially The New Batman

by Jeff Testanero
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Robert Pattinson is officially the new Batman.

Warner Bros has officially signed on actor Robert Pattinson to play Bruce Wayne/Batman in Matt Reeves newest installment to the Batman mythos.

A few weeks ago, DC Comics News reported that Robert Pattinson was the frontrunner to star in the upcoming film The Batman for Warner Bros and DC Entertainment.

Robert Pattinson is now Batman

Until today it was a close contest between Pattinson and Nicholas Hoult (X-Men: First Class) but after some screen tests, Warner Bros chose Pattinson to dawn the cape and cowl of The Dark Knight in Reeves’ upcoming film.

Deadline has recently reported that negotiations between Pattinson and the studio include an option for at least two more films following The Batman.

Reeves’ film required a younger actor to play the title role as The Batman will show Bruce Wayne in his early years as The Caped Crusader.  Oswald Cobblepot, aka The Penguin, has been confirmed as the main villain of Reeves’ first Batman film with rumors swirling around that Catwoman and The Riddler might join Penguin as on-screen villains.

Pattinson recently starred in the critically acclaimed High Life and Good Time.

We at DC Comics News would like to welcome Robert Pattinson to the DC family.

The Batman is scheduled for theatrical release on June 25th 2021.

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