Tessa Thompson Announces Role as Catwoman

eartha kitt catwoman

If any of you has ever watched the show Drunk History on Comedy Central, you know it’s hilarious. The show bases itself around host Derek Waters with an intoxicated narrator trying to recount certain parts of history. But why are we telling you this? Because on the latest episode of the series we have a mention of Batman, or more specifically, Catwoman.

According to Twitter, actress Tessa Thompson is donning the role of Catwoman, but as Eartha Kitt’s Catwoman. Thompson originally announced the news on her Instagram and then the Twitter-verse went wild. Many fans were angry about the news, calling Thompson a horrible actress and the wrong choice. Others thought it was good for a laugh. It’s Drunk History, not meant to be taken seriously.


Many fans also pointed out that Fandom mentioned The Batman director Matt Reeves. Many were clueless to the plug, but it’s a nod to the fact Catwoman might be in the new film. For those who have seen the episode, what did you think? Would Thompson be a good choice for a new Catwoman?


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Shaina Lucas

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