Review: Batgirl #36

by Sean Blumenshine
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Review: BATGIRL #36


[Editor’s note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writer: Mairghread Scott

Artists: Paul Pelletier & Norm Rapmund

Colors: Hi-Fi

Letters: AndWorld Design


Reviewed by: Sean Blumenshine



Batgirl escapes the madness of Fox’s Den only to discover Vulture is hot on her tail and itching for revenge. Does she stand a chance against this bird of prey? Meanwhile, the fight for Gordon Clean Energy rages on as the workers discover the greatest threat to their employment future is Batgirl herself!


Francis Manapul’s cover is great. I love the fish eyed lens look at the city in the background. The characters all look great. And I love the colors.
The interior art is good. The fire gives the book a really cool aesthetic to play with. A lot of the panels look amazing thanks to that choice. It makes the villains more foreboding and the situation more visually intense.
I also like the thematic purpose of the fire. Barbara’s life is metaphorically burning down while she fights for her life. Her company that has played a big part in her book for a while is gone and she got kicked out of her apartment. It’s always fun to see characters get everything taken from them and I like how that plays out here.
I do love Babs’ optimism. Everything that’s happened to her in this story is prime brooding material. But there’s a bitter sweet attitude. Part of that comes from Shark’s decision to save Batgirl at the cost of his own life. Babs takes these setbacks remarkably well. They’re fuel for her to move forward. If nothing else, it hooks me to keep reading to see how Babs will evolve from this.
I love the Vulture in this. She’s so insane but I also get where she’s coming from. Batgirl’s victory is an embarrassment to her reputation and she doesn’t want any witnesses to that to the point that she is willing to burn all of her clients alive. It feels over the top but it is coming from a lady dressed like a vulture so I think it’s appropriate.
There are no negatives worth mentioning.
Batgirl #36 is a great issue. The Terrible Trio are such fun villains. They’re over the top in the best ways but still a threat. I enjoyed how Batgirl interacted with these characters. The book is a lot of fun. The action and the art are very solid. There are several amazing visual standout moments throughout the issue. I like tearing Babs’ life apart but with a hopeful chance to start fresh. I love this issue.

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