Review: Wonder Woman: Come Back to Me #1

by Carl Bryan
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Wonder Woman


[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writer: Amanda Conner, and  Jimmy Palmiotti

Artist: Chad Hardin

Letters: Travis Lanham

Colors: Alex Sinclair


Reviewed by: Carl Bryan


When Steve Trevor is called in for a test flight of an experimental new aircraft, he winds up lost in the Bermuda Triangle—and it’s up to Wonder Woman and Etta Candy to follow his trail to a mysterious, savage island! These stories written by Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti with art by Chad Hardin were originally published in JUSTICE LEAGUE GIANT #3-4!

ww art


Amanda Connor and Jimmy Palmiotti’s writing appears to be clearly influenced by Gal Gadot’s cinematic performance of Wonder Woman as well as the screen play skills of Allan Heinberg and writer/director Patty Jenkins.  The first few frames can be read easily in Gadot’s voice.  Chad Hardin’s art  provides the Gadot lense that everyone looks through now in viewing Wonder Woman.

The dialogue between Steve Trevor and Wonder Woman is perfect in that there is an innocence in their relationship. The reader immediately sees how enamored they both are with each other.  Thus you are plunged into why she wants to find Steve after his failed mission.

I love the story line with the fire brigade and her work in saving them and the animals.  I also like the fact she is an animal advocate.

Diana also comes in as a hard drinking woman (ala Thor and his mead) as she wants to share a drink with the fire brigade after the fire.  She has a tough exterior and a tender heart.

I like the use of the Bermuda Triangle in the story, but I do wish the writers all over DC would do something in a story line where they “solve” what is going on in this area.  That’s been a desire for many years for this reviewer.  Given the powers the JLA possesses, surely they can get to the bottom of it

ww art


We’ve read this story!  If you collected the Walmart Giants, you know where it ends.  And that is fine as I like the fact that DC is giving readers a chance to have the Walmart collections exclusively for the characters they want to read.

The problem with Wonder Woman now is that the powers she possesses are not all in concert.  For example, when did she start communicating with animals?  What part of her upbringing or history allows her this Aquaman type power?  And if she flies, why does she need an invisible jet?  With her recent addition this past year to leading Justice League Dark, I’d love to see the writers sew up the edges on some of the “powers” she possesses so we get a consistency on the character.

ww art


Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti weave a great tale of Wonder Woman and her love for Steve Trevor.  It’ll be interesting to see how this unfolds if you have not read the Walmart Giant issues.  Given the span of dimensions this character has gone through in DC with JLA Dark, the JLA, and the events that are upcoming in Leviathan, this story gets us back to her core.


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