Review: Krypton 2×09 – “Blood Moon”

by Cameron Tevis
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Review: Krypton 2×09 – “Blood Moon“

Krypton Season 2 Cover


[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Director: Cameron Welsh

Writers: David Paul Francis

Starring: Cameron Cuffe, Georgina Campbell, Shaun Sipos, Colin Salmon, Wallis Day


Reviewed by: Cameron Tevis


Lyta explains to Seg, Dex and Jayna what Zod had done to her and what he plans for the universe. They come up with a plan to hit back at Zod.

Seg and Nyssa embark on their mission to reunite with the rebellion on the moon Wegthor. Nyssa knows that Lyta is Seg’s one, true love. But she admits to him that he may be hers.

Zod rallies his armies and prepares them to attack Wegthor. Unfortunately for them, he has mastered control of Doomsday.

Val, Kem and Adam Strange are very happy to see Seg alive and well. Together they make a plan to defend themselves against Zod’s incoming fleet.

Zod unleashes Doomsday at the rebels. The monster quickly lives up to his name. Adam Strange convinces the others that they need to abandon the moon Wegthor and run… if they can.

General Zod Speech


The Production Design, Wardrobe and Special Effects in this episode are superb. From the character Doomsday to the alien landscape to the destruction of the moon Wegthor. Everything feels like a big budget feature film.

The portrayal of the character Doomsday is superior to the one seen in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice in almost every way.  He looks and feels like the one true Doomsday. He is violent and merciless just very well done.

Nyssa gets a moment to shine as she heads into battle. In a very impressive scene, she takes down one soldier after another as she advances.

Nyssa Advances


There are not many negatives about this episode. But I did feel Kem sacrificing himself failed to be as emotional as it could’ve been. I know what they were trying to do by juxtaposing the soft music with the violent death, but something about it didn’t play out right. He didn’t look like he was in agony and it seemed silly to have him flip off Doomsday. Flipping off and saying the word “Shit”, which they do a lot in the series takes me out of the scene momentarily. I instantly think to myself, “why would a Kryptonian use Earth slang?”

Interesting observation considering they still speak English. For some reason I can accept they speak English because the show needs to communicate with its audience. But they could easily come up with Kryptonian slang to make it unique.

Bloody Doomsday


Another great episode this season. The penultimate episode has everything in it from action and tragedy to horror and romance.  The visuals in the show are among the best on television. I look forward to seeing how the season ends. Will Lobo make a return? Have we seen the last of Doomsday? Will Seg find Brainiac? So many exciting possibilities!


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