Review: Wonder Woman: Come Back To Me #2

by Carl Bryan
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Wonder Woman Come to Me


[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writer: Amanda Conner, and  Jimmy Palmiotti

Artist: Chad Hardin

Letters: Travis Lanham

Colors: Alex Sinclair


Reviewed by: Carl Bryan


Wonder Woman continues to search for Steve Trevor on a strange island in the Bermuda Triangle. But she and Etta Candy are in for more than their share of surprises, including bugs the size of horses, robotic soldiers and—Jonah Hex?! These stories were originally published in JUSTICE LEAGUE GIANT #5 and 6

Wonder Woman: Come to Me!


Amanda Connor and Jimmy Palmiotti’s writing provides some interesting turns in this issue.  A collision between Jonah Hex and Wonder Woman.  Only in the Bermuda Triangle.  Now if memory serves me correct, a recent Leviathan issue indicated that Superman’s Fortress of Solitude was located in or around the Bermuda Triangle rather than in Antarctica.  So much for consistency.

But cowboy hats off to Connor and Palmiotti for placing Princess Diana there.  I am scared that Damage may make his presence known there as well!

Wonder Woman and Etta Candy are an interesting pair.  Etta, in this environment, almost seems to be either a comic foil or someone too tethered to Diana.  Either way, Etta slows Wonder Woman down a bit in this issue.

Jonah’s 18th century dialogue mixed with Diana’s isolation from Paradise Island (I’m old school, so instead of Themyscira, I use Paradise Island)  make for quite the pair.  Granted that it might border on sexism, but it’s interesting none the less.

A new princess in Bermuda?  Things get interesting at the end of this issue.  Finesse versus Fire?  I’ll place my bets on Diana’s methods versus Jonah’s.

And a love story to boot at the end.  Diana loves her Steve!

Wonder Woman


Again, we’ve read this story!  If you collected the Walmart Giants, you know where it ends.  But I do like that DC is providing these stories for fans who want them exclusively as part of their hero collections without being tied to another series they may not have interest in.

As Wonder Woman’s powers continue to evolve, I’m trying to buy into it!  However, if she has flight, can she not just fly out of the Bermuda Triangle or to where Steve is located? Or if she can converse with animals (I still cannot get my head around this as I fear that once she speaks to a fish, Aquaman will have to give up his thrown!), what is next?  However, she is blended with the “magic” side of the JLA, so I need to drop my paradigm and dig into this new incarnation!




Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti weave a great tale of Wonder Woman and her love for Steve Trevor. Wonder Woman continues to go through an interesting evolvement.  However, if Connor and Palmiotti give her heat vision.  I’m out!


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