Review: Pennyworth 1×10 – “Marianne Faithful”

by Tony Farina
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[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Director: Danny Cannon

Writer: Bruno Heller

Starring: Jack Bannon, Emma Paetz, Ben Aldridge, Ryan Fletcher,  Hainsley Lloyd Bennett, Polly Walker, Dorothy Atkinson, Ian Puleston-Davies, Paloma Faith, and Jason Flemyng

Reviewed by: Tony Farina


Pennyworth episode 10 brings all of the team onto the screen in a huge mash up of fun and mayhem. The Queen has been kidnapped by the Sykes sisters. Lord Harwood uses her as leverage to take over the government. Alfred plans to leave for America. Before he can get on the boat, the police show up and due to Dave Boy’s terrible acting, he, Bazza and Alfie have to play rough. That is OK though.

They find they Queen, save her and Alfie plans on getting his pardon. He gets way more than that from the Queen. Holy smokes. I did not see that coming. Thomas and Martha decide to give a relationship a go. Holy Smokes I did not see that ending the way it did.


That ending. Seriously, what an ending. What a performance by Jack Bannon. What a set up. What a pay off. From the opening credits of this series until episode ten ends with Sid Vicious’ version of My Way, Pennyworth has been damn near perfect. Seriously, just go watch the opening credits. I have seen it for 10 weeks now and I see new things each time.

There is shot about 10 minutes from the end of the show where we see all four of the baddies in adjoining cells. The camera work by Danny Cannon there is so spectacular. Every show has a little nugget of hidden goodness requires multiple watches.

I am not sure how to be more effusive here. Bruno Heller has made himself proud. This cast has created a totally insane, but super fun world. This Pennyworth can teach Bruce all he needs to know.

Look at that guy. I would totally trust him to raise my vigilante.



Other than Alfie’s dalliances with the ladies, I see no faults in this episode. What a brilliant show.



Pennyworth is a brilliant show. Mic drop. If you did not watch it, pay the money for Epix and get on it. Seriously, the world will be worse off if this does not come back for another season.



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