Image Comics Review: Sonata #5

by Carl Bryan
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Review: SONATA #5



[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writer:  Brian Haberlin and David Hine

Artists: Geirrod van Dyke and Brian Haberlin

Colors: Geirrod van Dyke

Letters: Frances Takenaga


Reviewed by: Carl Bryan


“I wouldn’t have survived out here without specialized knowledge of biology and experimental self medication ” – Korby, a delusional old man treating Sonata’s illness.  , Pay, and Treen.

“THE ART OF HEALING” Sonata is dangerously ill, and her survival is in the hands of the deranged Korbys and his dubious expertise in herbal remedies. Meanwhile, an unexpected visitor brings catastrophic news from the Tayan home world.



Brian Haberlin and David Hine continue to add to their mythical world and it gets richer and richer with each issue.  Sonata is in trouble and is in some type of coma as her mother contacts her in her dream state.  But is it really her mom?

Korby is the comic foil in this and Haberlin and Hine do a great job in using him as part time guide, part time medicine man and full time crackpot!  He’s the greatest thing to lighten the load during this exploration of a new planet and arguably a civil war between the Rans and the Tayans.

Speaking of an awkward moment…Pau and Treen discuss reproduction among their species.  Who knew that Treen’s species consumate their relationships as males and then turn into females to give birth. “You must suffer greatly to know you must live your whole life as a male.”  Priceless writing!

Opposites do attracts which will no doubt set off fireworks for both Rans and Tayans.  And this budding romance between Sonata and Pau is the stuff that will set off those fireworks.

Giants are waking!  And it looks like there is another surprise brewing for Sonata?  Who’s under that helmet of a survivor at the Tayan Settlement that is off world?

Again Haberlin and Hine are “inspired” by all literary mediums in crafting the world of Perdita.  And they have thrown in some drama and clever writing in this issue!



Again…none here!  Haberlin and Hine are constructing their own canon.  I like it and I think it is well worth a try.  Treat this comic as an “aha” read as you will find literary treats, pop culture references, and some Shakespeare at times.  Or is Jay and Silent Bob scripts?   They are all over the place and it really is great!



I’m getting used to a new (old) universe).  Sometimes it is a nod to Shakespeare.  Sometimes it is Star Trek.   Again, a reader can recognize elements from a lot of different comics, stories and movies.  But it works and works well!  As a reader, consider adding this to your collections!  Consider adding Issue 1 to your collections.  And be on the lookout for issues  6.  It’s a fun ride already!


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