Revisit the legend of the Amazing Amazon in the latest DC Animated Movie “WONDER WOMAN: Bloodlines” which reintroduces the world to Diana of Themyscira a new hope and heroine for a new age!

Just in the nick of time and a perfect way to celebrate the upcoming anniversary of DC’s most prized champion of hope Warner Bros. Animation are happy to announce the wide-release of their latest animated DC Universe Movie Wonder Woman: Bloodlines starring Rosario Dawson as the voice of Princess Diana! With the Amazing Amazon about to reach an epic milestone, this animated film continues the continuity introduced in Justice League: War and provides the origin story of Wonder Woman from an emissary of Paradise Island to her warrior goddess.

The full-length feature takes many props and points from the big screen blockbuster which starred Gal Gadot, establishing Diana’s first contemporary meeting with her paramour Steve Trevor as the two discover a dangerous alien invasion is imminent, demanding Diana assume the mantle of her people’s greatest combatant and travel outside of the confines of the Amazon’s Island of Themyscira. Unfortunately for Diana, stepping off of paradise comes with a price, as her memories of how to return to the mysterious island fade.

Arriving in the outside world she immediately assumes her new role and with her extraordinary powers becomes a champion, but in effect she draws the attention and contempt of powerful enemies including Cheetah, Dr. Poison and a new threat in the Silver Swan (voiced by Marie Avgeropoulous of “The 100” fame) that strikes at the very heart of our new Wonder Woman. The full-length adventure is available now in 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray and on all Digital platforms and includes an animated short DC Showcase featuring “Death” inspired by “The Sandman” series.

Here’s a “Special Clip” of Wonder Woman: Bloodlines:

Wonder Woman: Bloodlines is from Warner Bros, Animation and the latest DC Universe Movie starring Rosario Dawson reprising the voice role of Wonder Woman herself. Available everywhere now on 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray and Digital platforms.

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