Review: Nightwing #65

by Philip Clark
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Review: NIGHTWING #65


[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writer: Dan Jurgens

Artist: Roman Cliquet

Colorist: Nick Filardi

Letterer: Andworld Design


Review by: Philip Clark



Nightwing #65: Bludhaven is still in chaos. No matter how badly Team Nightwing try to keep the peace things just seem to be getting worse and worse. Zak is still in hospital after his run in with Talon.

Speaking of the deadly assassin. He and Ric are doing the rooftop tango, though it’s very clear who has the advantage.

Things reach their peak at the end of the issue, when everything seems to reach their craziest.

Nightwing #65


The pacing of this issue was spectacular. The way that Jurgens split between Team Nightwings and Ric was expertly done. Not missing a beat of either story. It takes some real skill to write two different stories simultaneously and keep the readers invested in both.

While Ric is obviously the main character, I am still heavily invested in Team Nightwings’ story too.

The art in this issue is brilliant too. Ric’s facial expressions throughout the comic are beautifully drawn. As are Talon’s when his mask is removed. You can see the pure joy and crazy as his plans are being realised.

Nightwing #65


I’d love to see Team Nightwings coordinating with the local police and fire departments throughout Bludhaven’s time of need. Using their real life connections to the departments to help keep the people safe.

What I feel this issue was missing, is Bea showing off what it’s like to be a bartender in Bludhaven and doing more damage to Talon. She’s got a lot of promise as a strong female character, and I’d like to see that come through. Right now, it feels like Jurgens is using her as a damsel in distress type.


A very good issue from Jurgens and the team. It didn’t end in the way I thought it would, but makes total sense.

I have enjoyed watching Talon’s plan come to fruition over the last few issues, as well as Bludhaven spiralling into more and more chaos. It’s made me stop and think how the old Nightwing, before the amnesia would have coped with all this. Especially without the help of Team Nightwings.

Cliquet and Filardi do a brilliant job with the art and colour of this issue. I mean, just look at some of the panels above. The way the flames lick at the night sky in the background as Talon and Ric are going blow for blow on the rooftop. Beautiful.

I’m certainly excited to see where they take this next issue!



Images Courtesy of DC Entertainment

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