Baltimore Comic Con 2019: Day 2

Baltimore comic

Baltimore Comic Con 2019: Day 2

Written By: Thomas O’Donnell

Saturday, Day 2 of the 2019 Baltimore Comic Con.

This second day started early as I fueled up on coffee and wove my way through the closed streets, past the marathon runners to the convention center.

The line to get in already swelled and filled the stairway leading to the con floor entrance, The vendors were open and ready for business!

As I wondered the floor of the convention I grabbed some more mini-figs, a book from Frank Cho, and a Black Beetle pin from Francesco Francavilla!


I made a point to hit Artist Alley and explore some of the vendors I missed the previous day. I had to cut my browsing short though, so I could make my way to the “Spotlight on Ty Templeton” panel.

This years yearbook featured Blacksad, If you haven’t read it yet Dark Horse has released three volumes in the series. The yearbook features art by Greg Hildebrandt, and Mark Buckingham among others.

Baltimore Comic

You can enjoy the “Blacksad Baltimore Comic-Con Yearbook Panel” featuring Mark Buckingham, Juanjo Guarnido, and Greg Hildebrandt below!


I moved quickly to make it to the “An Hour With Garth Ennis” panel!

I managed to snap a few pics of the incredible cosplayers that were in attendance throughout the day!

A couple of more pick ups before heading out!

Check back for day 3, More panels, and more merch!

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Thomas ODonnell

Thomas ODonnell

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