Review: Basketfull of Heads #2

by Tony Farina
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Basketfull of Heads 2Writer: Joe Hill

Artist: Leomacs

Colors: Dave Stewart

Letters: Deron Bennett

Reviewer: Tony Farina


Basketfull of Heads #2 finds June hiding from the ne’re do wells who do not wish to do her well. She hides for a long time. She is found. Nothing good happens.

Meanwhile, the bridge that connects Brody Island to the mainland of Maine is washed away. I am sure nothing nefarious will come of that.

Seriously, that is the whole issue.

Basketfull of Heads #2


I love the work that Dave Stewart is doing on this book. It is set in 1983 and he is doing something special with the colors. He makes the whole thing feel nostalgic. Yes, there are killers on the loose and yes, there are talking disembodied heads, so maybe nostalgia is the wrong word here. Still, I really do love it. Leomacs’ art also captures the time perfectly and so the creative team is on point here.

Joe Hill was so smart to set this story in 1983 instead of modern day. Cell phones in general and smart phones in particular ruin tension. In 1983, our lost heroine must find a phone and figure out a way to get help. The trope of “my phone died” is such crap. In 1983, you could go days without hearing from people you loved. Not because they didn’t love you, but because they had no way to reach you.  Setting a horror comic in 1983 is a whole extra layer of scary.

The magical realism of Hill’s world is on full display as well. Magical realism only works when there is plausible magic and real realism. He nails the latter, while making us find the former believable. I mean, talking heads is nutty, but it just seems to make sense.


I was not kidding in my summary about the story of this book. It is quite short. I do think it builds a lot of tension, but the sharp dialog from issue one is missing. Everything happens so quickly here that it will behoove you to go back and enjoy the beautiful art.


Honestly, the very brief issue of Basketfull of Heads #2 is still entertaining. We learn a bit more about June. She is not your typical damsel in distress. That is good. The last page again is an excellent cliff hanger. I am ready to fill my basket for sure. Again, not with heads, but with issues of this book.

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