First Trailer For Superman: Red Son Debuts Online

Seeing as how Batman: Gotham by Gaslight‘s animated adaptation proved to be a success, it’s no wonder that the door has been opened for other “Elseworlds” tales to be given the same treatment. That said, it shouldn’t surprise anyone reading this article to find out that Superman: Red Son is the first to follow in its footsteps.

Based on the beloved comic book penned by Mark Millar and illustrated by Dave Johnson, the next DC animated movie to be released on home video explores the possibility of what would happen if baby Kal-El’s rocket were to land in Soviet Russia instead of Smallville, Kansas. And as such, viewers will also be treated to different takes on some other icons such as Wonder Woman and Batman.

If you’d like to take an early look at what’s on the agenda, then check out the first trailer promoting the flick below. Based on what I’m seeing, it looks fairly accurate to the source material – though I’m sure the filmmakers may have thrown in a few surprises.

Joining Jason Isaacs as Superman is a talented voice cast consisting of Amy Acker as Lois Lane, Diedrich Bader as Lex Luthor, Phil Morris as James Olsen, Phil LaMarr as John Stewart, Vanessa Marshall as Wonder Woman, Sasha Roiz as Hal Jordan, Roger Craig Smith as Batman, Paul Williams as Braniac and William Salyers as Joseph Stalin.

Right now, Superman: Red Son lacks a release date, but a January or February 2020 launch is most likely. Now that the trailer is out there, it’s only a matter of time before an official press release drops and provides other vital details, so stay tuned.

Eric Joseph

Eric Joseph

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