Review: Dial H for Hero #10

by Carl Bryan
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Review: Dial H for Hero #10

Dial H

[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writer: Sam Humphries

Artist: Joe Quinones

Colors: Jordan Gibson

Letters: Dave Sharpe


Reviewed by: Carl Bryan


“We should use the Y-Dial to help the heroes of this earth.  Superman or Super Martian … they  both say the same thing.  We all need to help!” – Miguel

Dial H for Hero #10 finds Miguel and Summer’s search for the remaining H-Dials taking them into the Multiverse, where they encounter new worlds and new threats never seen before! But are they fast enough-and focused enough-to catch up to Mister Thunderbolt?



Writer Sam Humphries adds a revelation to this installment of Dial H for Hero in that the Multiverse is an H Dial.  Joe Quinones has been the ever present art thesaurus for readers in that he does a great job of labeling where we are in the story and how all the pieces fit together.

I appreciate that Humphries takes existing DC heroes and adds an amalgamation of those in a new Multiverse strand.  Whether he and Quinones acknowledge it or not, those that crave existing heroes are out there, and it is great when you can have a “Super Martian” or a location known as “Gothamopolis”.

A MAD Magazine homage…I’ll take it.  I loved it when what you see is never what was intended.  The fold over page is a perfect compliment to any comic reader worth their salt and craving the old “hidden” messages.  Too bad my laptop screen is now broken from trying it in the digital age (just kidding)!


I want to see this new Young Justice International… I love it when the puzzle pieces fit together in a different fashion.

Finally, four different versions of Miguel paying homage to different artists within a Reign of the Supermen theme.  Yes…this is what we as Dial H readers have been craving.  Not a bunch of lesser known heroes, but amalgamations of those from the DC Universe!



This is the best issue yet of the entire series.  Dial H is back here it needs to be!



This issue gets things back on track and provides the duality issues of Robby Reed/The Operator /Mr. Thunderbolt.  And it looks like Miguel has made an impulsive decision to stick things out with Robby Reed and a trip to Apokolips.  All the pieces look like they are fitting together in this thing called Dial H for Hero!




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