Review: Freedom Fighters #12

by Matthew Lloyd
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Review: Freedom Fighters #12

[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writer: Robert Venditti

Art: Eddy Barrows & Eber Ferreira

Colors: Adriano Lucas

Letters: Andworld Design


Reviewed by: Matthew B. Lloyd



When Adolf Hitler III leaves a nuclear surprise in his mountain fortress as he escapes, there’s only one option left for the Freedom Fighters to save America!  But, Adolf III gets his own surprise from Black Condor in Argentina.


This entire series has developed the theme of Freedom, not just as a nationalistic notion, but as a universal truth that all people feel.  Very carefully, Venditti walks the thin line between Nationalism and Freedom while also showing how they link together.  This is demonstrated in the strongest way when the National Avatars of other countries around the world come back to life once Uncle Sam and the Freedom Fighters defeat the Nazis in America.

These avatars are not the embodiment of Nationalistic zeal, but rather the thirst for freedom made flesh and blood, representing these various cultures around the world.  In the end they, successfully link the human race as kindred spirits with the common desire to be free and live life in their cultural heritages.  These avatars are possibly the most interesting creation in this series.  The concept should be explored further somewhere.

It would be very easy to make the Human Bombs sacrifice end in his death.  While he and the team are prepared for this, it is nice to see the Bomb survive.


While Venditti does an admirable job of finding character moments for each of the Freedom Fighters, the plot takes up space in this 12-issue limited series to the point that we don’t get enough of their histories and personalities.  Although, it does provide potential for future exploration of these characters.  Not only the future, but there is also an invisible past that could be explored, as well.

It would also have been nice to see a little more of Overman’s resolution.  I know it was just a robot replacement in the finale, but what about the one who fled?  Maybe, there’s more to come….

While Adolf Hitler III getting his “justice” from Black Condor seems a fitting end for the despot, one can’t wonder if Black Condor’s definition of justice doesn’t cross a line.  While Venditti doesn’t spell it out, the ending suggests a gruesome demise for the Nazi.  In real life, Nazism received justice in a world court.  Adolf III final end certainly has a “not quite heroic” edge to it.  But, if you know any stories of the liberation of concentration camps after World War II, there were similar believably justified reactions from some American soldiers.


Since issue #1, this series has been a book for a thinking reader.  There are lots of big ideas presented here that aren’t always easily explored in the super-hero genre.  Freedom Fighters #12 is no different.  While there is the sense that it would’ve been great to learn more about each individual character, or have a bigger, more significant resolution, what we got is a finale that extends beyond the bounds of the comic itself and into the real world.  Perhaps, there’s something to be learned from this series.



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