Black Lightning Actor, Gupton, Won’t Be Part Of Show Next Season

by Jose Zuazua
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Black Lightning actor Damon Gupton won’t be part of the show next season. Deadline has reported that Gupton, who plays Inspector Bill Henderson on The CW’s adaptation of DC superhero Black Lightning since the show’s beginning, announced the news on Twitter earlier in the week.

Over the weekend, Gupton tweeted: “And that’s a wrap. My final night on the set of @blacklightning. In December before X-Mas I was told Chief Henderson is not in the plans for Season 4 and that I would be let go. My heart to a helluva hard working crew. Big praise to cast, writers, producers, staff, CW, WB.”

Later in the day, he then thanked the fans in a follow-up Tweet, saying “Special shoutout to all the great fans who greet me in the street, airports, restaurants. Your appreciation means the world to me. Know that I treasure it. Disappointed I’m not allowed to continue the ride with you but glad we had the time we did.”

Henderson will be missed. His character first appeared in the 1940s The Adventures of Superman radio series, but didn’t show up in comics until December of 1974’s Action Comics #442.

Though Gupton is departing Black Lightning, the actor has a dense acting resume, appearing in such tv shows as Bates Motel and Criminal Minds, as well as critically acclaimed films like Whiplash. We at DCComicsNews wish him the best in his future endeavors.

Black Lightning first appeared in 1977 with his own title, Black Lightning, created by Tony Isabella and artist Trevor Von Eeden. He was DC Comics third African-American super-hero, created after John Stewart and Tyroc. He is currently a member of the Outsiders, along with Batman.

Black Lightning the tv show airs Monday nights your local CW station at 9/8c. You can also catch up with the show on the CW app.

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