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DC’s FCBD offerings on May 2, 2020 have been revealed, and one involves Wally West and Princess Diana.

Spoilers ahead.

What DC’s FCBD Readers Must Know about Wally West Going (Flash) Forward

In Heroes In Crisis, reeling from the loss of his family because of Flashpoint, Wally had checked in to the metahuman rehab facility known as Sanctuary. During his stay, however, he had experienced a psychotic break and slaughtered multiple heroes and villains, including friend and teammate Roy Harper. Further, he chose to cover it up by faking his death via time travel, and framed Booster Gold and Harley Quinn for his crimes. Once exposed, however, the former Flash relented and turned himself in. In the follow-up miniseries Flash Forward, however, an omnipotent being broke Wally out of The Vault to embark on a redemptive interdimensional journey. Contact with the all-knowing chair of Moebius revealed to Wally that the existence of this dark multiverse were the result of his actions while trapped within The Speed Force post-Flashpoint. The final issue of this miniseries is due out on February 16th, but the story does not end there. Rather, it is just the beginning of a larger event that begins on FCBD known as Generation Zero:

“It all starts here, and everything counts. ‘Flash Forward: Epilogue’ is an extension to the unbelievable conclusion to the Flash Forward miniseries, with all-new content from the series team of writer Scott Lobdell and artist Brett Booth. In order to save his children and the multiverse itself, Wally West makes the ultimate sacrifice, taking his place in the Moebius Chair. Unbeknownst to him, the chair is packing a little extra power, having been imbued with the godlike powers of Dr. Manhattan! Now armed with infinite knowledge – and the powers of a god – Wally West can see the past, present, and future of the DC Universe all at once… Including what needs to be changed.”

This title will reprint the backup story from Wonder Woman #750. In that backup story, Diana is established as America’s “first hero” in the 1930s after saving President Roosevelt from an assassination attempt.

The title is reminiscent of the 1990s event, Zero Hour. That series saw Hal Jordan, now the corrupt villain Parallax, causing a minor retcon to DC’s heroes’ backgrounds as he attempted to redress the loss of Coast City before he was stopped by Green Arrow.

More offerings from DC’s FBCD will be a flip book for middle-grade readers that provide adventures for a young Bruce Wayne and company in Batman: Overdrive and Batman: Once Upon A Crime.

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