Review: He-Man and the Masters of the Mulitverse #4

by Tony Farina
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Review: He-Man and the Masters of the Mulitverse #4

He-Man and the Masters of the Mulitverse #4[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writer: Tim Seeley

Pencils: Dan Fraga and Tom Derenick

Inks: Richard Friend and Tom Derenick

Colors: Matt Yackey

Letters: Saida Temofonte


Reviewer: Tony Farina



Keldor travels to the Eternia of the 1980s Filmation cartoon series! Still reeling from a tragic loss last issue, Keldor and He-Man must find the legendary Star Seed-the last power in the universe able to destroy Anti-He-Man before he claims another Castle Grayskull!



He-Man and the Masters of the Mulitverse #4 finally lands in the OG He-Man universe. It has been a long time coming and I for one am pleased as punch. I am not sure exactly how pleased punch can be, but I do know I am pleased. I LOVE how campy it is and how spot on it is. The absurdity of Prince Adam and He-Man not being easily interchangeable is so on the nose here. There is even a running gag about people not knowing. At least Clark has the decency to wear glasses. This is just nuts. I tip my cap to Mr. Seeley on this one. He really did nail the tone of the original show and the silliness of it. He even has Keldor comment on how optimistic this silly, campy version of He-man is.

The creative team simply captures it all perfectly and once again is the best thing about the book. The mixing of the universes does not always work in the story, but on the page it is beautiful. That cover is stunning as well.

He-Man and the Masters of the Mulitverse #4



The problem with He-Man and the Masters of the Mulitverse #4 is still the same problem it is has been the whole time. The tone is all over the place. I think if this had been silly and campy from the jump, I would have been all in. I love that kind of stuff. The problem is that we are meant to feel for Keldor and there are some real stakes for him and that could work, but the constant turn and wink jokes just makes those stakes seem unreal and I have a hard time caring for him or this story at all.


In the end, He-Man and the Masters of the Mulitverse #4 is beautiful to look at and I think, fans of the original series will be pleasantly surprised. I know I was. I am not super invested in any of these versions of He-man and so the art keeps this book floating. It is really great art with colors that just pop.

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