Sean Gordon Murphy’s Batman: White Knight Published on UK Newsstand

by Brad Filicky
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This week has seen Panini, the European comic book publisher and licensor, put out a new Batman comic book, Batman: Tales Of The Dark Knight, with the first issue reprinting the first chapter of Sean Gordon Murphy’s Batman: White Knight as well as Peter Tomasi, Jaime Mendoza and Doug Mahnke’s Mythology from Detective Comics #994. With UK newsstands still open it does remain a viable printing and distribution solution, especially in these times. It Is worth noting that it will be less pages – 52 rather than 100+. The cover price remains the same. The solicitation info is as follows:

Issue 1 kicks off on 26th March with part one of Sean Murphy’s highly acclaimed White Knight saga. Set in a world where the Joker has reformed, we get to see a new side of the former clown prince of crime as he sets out to save Gotham from the one person he considers its most dangerous villain… Batman!

Our second story is chapter one of Peter Tomasi’s incredible Mythology storyline. On the anniversary of the murder of Thomas and Martha Wayne, a killer goes to great lengths to recreate the crime by murdering an innocent couple and dressing them up as Bruce Wayne’s parents. Can this killing be connected to the shadowy monstrosity that is targeting Batman’s closest loved ones?


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