UNDONE Launches Exclusive Superman Watch!

by Damian Fasciani
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UNDONE is the world’s leading custom watch label designing spectacular watches that blend unique design with iconic brands. Superman fans this one is for you, UNDONE will be releasing the Kryptonian Decryptor. This custom design watch is brilliant, crafted in honour of the Man of Steel you too can now consider yourself a Kryptonian with this stunning piece of craftsmanship. This watch is built from the highest quality components giving you the feeling that you too can fly up up and away!

UNDONE Superman watch dc comics news UNDONE Superman watch dc comics news

The watch is sandblasted and PVD coated in a Gunmetal style case, we love the matte black with the tactical rubber strap. The watch has style but gives you the edge so you’re ready to fight crime! Others in the Justice League will be envious! A nod to the extra-terrestrial origins of Superman: Kryptonian spelt in both English and Kryptonian reside on the “meteorite textured” dial. The design also pays respect to the origins of the iconic DC hero, you can see in the thin blue chapter ring and the red of the cerakoted crown, the seconds hand, as well as the bezel and dial highlight. 

Technical Specifications: 

The “Kryptonian Decryptor” is housed in sandblasted and PVD coated, 316L gunmetal Case, with a sleeker and meaner bezel. The case measures at 42.5mm in diameter and 52mm lug- to-lug. Height comes in at 16.5mm from the case back to the top of the sapphire crystal lens. Powering this collector’s piece is the trust SII NH35A; with a 42-hour power reserve and accurate to +/- 15 secs p/day.

If you Pre Order the watch you can get $100 dollars off by going to this link

Deliveries will be expected by the end of July.

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