First Look: Batman’s Grave #7

by Steve J. Ray
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The Coronavirus lockdown has put the world on hold and delayed every title from every publisher. So many books were held back that fans have been craving to read, few more so than The Batman’s Grave by Warren Ellis and Bryan Hitch. Now that digital titles and physical copies are being released again, the series will be resuming publication. Thanks to the wonderful folks at DC we have a great first look at issue #7.

Check it out!

The Batman's Grave #7 CoverThe Batman's Grave #7 Page 1The Batman's Grave #7 Pages 2 and 3

In this seventh chapter of this 12-issue maxi-series, written by Warren Ellis with art by Bryan Hitch, there’s a lunatic on the loose and a dead body inside a supposedly impregnable home. Members of the justice system are being murdered by a secret army, and nobody knows what’s happening. Does the Batman have the single clue that’s the key to the whole nightmare?

That’s one cool rendition of the Batmobile, even though it’s being blown to shreds. What did you think of this DC Comics first look at Bryan Hitch’s incredible artwork for The Batman’s Grave #7? Please let us know in the comments.

Images and Press Release Courtesy of DC Entertainment

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