Rooster Teeth’ RWBY & gen:LOCK #7 Cancelled

by David Rasmussen
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So, in retrospect, what is one more issue for the road? Apparently, it is one comic too many, as DC Comics has decided to end the print version run of both Rooster Teeth’ tie-in titles RWBY, and gen:LOCK, without final print issues seeing the light of day. The following information comes from CBR


According to news first broken by Newsarama, and sourced from CBR, DC Comics has cancelled the print versions of both RWBY #7 and gen:LOCK #7. Both titles, which had previously been delayed indefinitely as a result of the COVID-19 lockdown, will now end minus the final issue in print. According to the information I read on the topic from CBR, plans were to originally release digital chapters of both titles on a bi-weekly basis. The idea was that every two chapters published digitally would be collected for publication in print format monthly. Hence the run of seven issues for a total of 14 chapters published digitally. That means both RWBY and gen:LOCK #7 have been available for some time digitally, and can be purchased now. Only the physical copies of both will not be published.

However, according to CBR, all is not lost. “That being said, much like the current situation with DC’s Supergirl and The Terrifics, the publisher does still have plans for the final chapters of both RWBY and gen:LOCK to see publication in print when the respective full-series collected editions are eventually released. The decision to nix Issue #7 of both titles seems to be the latest developments after DC’s distribution model was thrown off as a result of the COVID-19 situation.”

As of this article RWBY Volume 1 is slated for release August 12th 2020, according to its #7 pre-order listing the comic ends as thus. “Team RWBY has been separated since the fall of Beacon. Their journeys apart have made them stronger, but will the team ever be able to find their way back to each other?”


The above comes from


Meanwhile, gen: LOCK is listed for its trade release on August 26th 2020. Its final issue pre-order listing is as thus. “Chase and the rest of team gen:LOCK power up the holons to face down Sycorax one last time! Osaka’s fate lies in the mechanized hands of our five heroes, but can they withstand the destructive might of the Shogunate?”

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RWBY, first releasing from Rooster Teeth in 2013, is set between the events of Volumes 3 and 4 of the main core series. Besides the main series Rooster Teeth also has put out a more lighthearted romp with RWBY Chibi a few years ago. As for gen: LOCK that series premiered in 2019, with the comic set after the events of Season 1.

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