Ahoy Comics Review: Captain Ginger Season Two #6 (Final Issue)

by Derek McNeil
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Ahoy Comics Review: CAPTAIN GINGER SEASON TWO #6 (Final Issue)

Captain Ginger Season Two #6


[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writer: Stuart Moore

Artists: June Brigman, Roy Richardson

Colours: Veronica Gandini

Letters: Richark Starkings, Comicraft’s Jimmy Betancourt


Reviewed By: Derek McNeil



Captain Ginger Season Two #6: The grand finale! As the Lumen make their final assault on Dogworld, Captain Ginger faces an impossible choice! Can the cats and dogs make peace against a common enemy, or will they fight like…well, you know?



In Captain Ginger Season Two #6, the tensions are rising between the cats and their dog hosts. They have returned ship, but found that the Maker has been sabotaged. The dogs are angry that the cats have failed to provide the food and supplies that the Maker could have produced.

Also, the Lumen have followed the cats to Dogworld and are in the process of launching an attack on both the cats and dogs. However, the cats’ ship, while in rough shape, proves to be spaceworthy. Captain Ginger is faced with the decision to flee or face certain death at the hands of the Lumen.

He opts to flee, the only option that gives his people a chance at survival. Unfortunately, there is no time to retrieve their young, so many of the kittens are left in the care of the dogs.

Captain Ginger Season Two #6

Positives Cont.

The cats are now in an unenviable position. Their ship is barely functional. The cats’ food stores are severely depleted. Their kittens are in the care of the dogs. And they have lost key members of their crew, specifically their scientist, Science Cat.

I have to wonder how the dogs will feel about the cats when they eventually return to Dogworld. Will caring for the young cats engender friendship, or will they be resentful of the added burden? And will they feel that the cats abandoned them to the Lumen, or will they see that as an attempt to divert the Lumen’s attention away from Dogworld? Hopefully, there will be some gratitude for Captain Ginger’s decision to share the cats’ meagre supplies with the dogs.



The cats are left in dire straits at the end of the story, but this isn’t really a flaw in the story. In fact, it drives home how bad Captain Ginger’s dilemma was. No option led to a good outcome, but at least he found one that allowed for some measure of hope.

Captain Ginger Season Two #6



The second “season” of Captain Ginger ends rather unhappily, with the cats at their lowest point. However, they are alive, and where there is life, there is hope. The second chapter of many great stories end on a bleak note, setting up for a triumphant return in the third chapter. It doesn’t seem too much of a stretch to say that Season Two is the Empire Strikes Back of the Captain Ginger saga. I look forward to seeing what Season Three holds in store for the cats.


5outof5 DC Comics News


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