Image Comics Review: Pretty Violent #10

by Tony Farina
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Review: Pretty Violent #10

Pretty Violent #10


[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writers: Derek Hunter and Jason Young

Artist: Derek Hunter

Colors: Spencer Holt


Reviewer: Tony Farina



The Unseen war has come to a head. Everyone’s involved. The heroes, the fake heroes, the villains, the vigilantes. Surely almost all of them are going to end up dead.

Pretty Violent #10


Pretty Violent #10 does what it always does. It makes you laugh. It makes you cringe and it makes you think about how bad your family actually is. The genius thing about this series is that it constantly moves the goalposts. We think we know what is happening and then, sprinkled in with the blood and guts and jokes about eating testicles is a huge beating heart. It makes no sense for me to care about Merc or Necrosis. They suck. I mean, a lot and yet, each month, and this month in particular, we see that there is so much more to them than meets the eye. Hunter and Young defy expectations and that is a great thing for the reader.

Pretty Violent #10

I say this every month, so it makes sense that I will say it again here, Spencer Holt is a coloring master. Hunter gives him a lot to do. There is so much action and the splash pages in this issue are a sight to behold. What I love best is how they decide, sometimes to leave the background void of anything. No colors, no art. It draws the eye to action in such a stark way because it juxtaposes the fact that most of the book has backgrounds full of funny and grotesque images. They are great of course and they make the book a joy to read. However, the fact that they know when not to do it, shows how talented they are.


Pretty Violent #10 has only nit that I wish to pick, it feels like too much is happening. There is so much in this issue that I really think it would have been better served if it had been in two issues. I know this is not always up to the creators. I am not sure if the original plan was only 11 issues or if it was 12. Either way, I just feel like I needed more time.


Pretty Violent #10 is the penultimate issue in this latest arc. It could possibly be the end of the series. It is certainty setting up that way. I hope there will be more to come. I will wax poetically next month when issue 11 comes out and the ARC officially ends. For now, if you have not been reading this, you have been missing out. You have 28 days to get reading.



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