Image Comics Review: Kick-Ass vs Hit-Girl #1

by Tony Farina
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Review: Kick-Ass vs Hit-Girl #1

Kick Ass Vs. Hit Girl #1


[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writer: Steve Niles

Art: Marcelo Frusin

Colors: Sunny Gho

Letters: John Workman


Review: Tony Farina


It’s Kick-Ass versus Hit-Girl. Old allies become enemies when Mindy screeches into Albuquerque to kill the imposter who’s been running gangs in New Mexico. And as Hit-Girl sets out to avenge Dave and stop Kick-Ass’ criminal operations for good, Patience fights to survive as the target of the best assassin in the biz — and questions whether she could ever kill a child to save her own life.

Kick Ass Vs. Hit Girl #1


Kick-Ass vs Hit-Girl #1 is as fast paced as you could want it to be. The thing about this character, this series and this world is that standing around is not what this is about. Since Patience geared up in The New Girl run, the feet have been flying, the bullets have been whizzing and the blades have been deadly. There has been almost no time to breath and honestly, it has been so incredibly fun but because Patience is an adult, there is a layer of thought and deliberateness to her actions that are so different than Dave’s mission. Niles really understands this character and we see the ramifications of her choices.

While Marcelo Frusin does a spectacular job showing the frenetic energy of this universe, it is colorist and Sunny Gho, who steals the show. The color palate of the Kick Ass universe is simple and most of the action takes place at night, so making work out of that shows a special skill. Gho somehow manages to contrast black and purple. Coloring is a skill people.


This issue has but one weakness. If someone has not been keeping up with the other series, this five issue crossover is going to be pretty confusing. Who is this person? Where is Dave? What could possibly be happening in Albuquerque? It isn’t a major issue, but it could be for some.


Kick-Ass vs Hit-Girl #1 is a great start to what is destined to be a, pun intended, Kick Ass series. I have really enjoyed Patience’s turn in the green suit and I have read with glee as Mindy has been traveling the world taking out scumbags. Of course, it all comes down to this. What a way to start. It can only go up from here. The teaser of cover #2 is more than enough to beg everyone to add this to the pull list.


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