Image Comics Review: Mercy: The Fair Lady, The Frost, and The Fiend

by Kendra Hale
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Review: Mercy: The Fair Lady, The Frost, and The Fiend

[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writer, Artist, Colorist: Mirka Andolfo

Color Assistants: Gianluca Papi, Francesca Carotenuto, and Chiara Di Francia

Letterer: Fabio Amelia


Review By: Kendra Hale



What Lurks Hidden Behind A Mask Of Beauty?

Mercy was a series I went into blindly, and am all the better for it. A heady mix of science fiction and horror set in the early 1900’s, this story had all guns blazing from the jump-start. Reminiscent of Parasyte: The Maxim, Penny Dreadful, and The Strain, Mercy carries all the elements of a great horror story and is fresh in the approach it takes. 

The town of Woodsburgh is one built upon secrets and treachery. Tragedy and survival go hand in hand in this small town. With the arrival of a pale-skinned beautiful stranger, things in the town are about to get much stranger. Lady Nolwenn Hellaine and her guardian Mr. Goodwill claim to be in the town for business purposes. Then blood begins to run in the streets…just what is the connection between these new arrivals and the deaths happening more and more frequently?

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Same Old Song And Dance

Mercy truly astonished me as a reader. From the moment I laid eyes on the cover to finishing the final pages, it’s a song. Each note plays perfectly as the story moves forward and the characters deepen as the world grows. The town of Woodsburgh becomes a character in and of itself, and rightly so. The artwork in this book is a thing of absolute terror and beauty. Depending on what the scenes call for, Mirka Andolfo delivers in a wickedly delightful manner. 

With secret experiments, love, treachery, and so much more, Mercy transfixes its audience and holds readers with rapt attention. 

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I could literally keep gushing about how worthy this book is for you to read, but the artwork and the story speak for themselves. With a follow up, Merciless, coming in 2021, it is vital to know where this tale begins. If you are a fan of horror, of noir, of beautiful art with well developed stories, Mercy is the series for you. 




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