Review: Dark Nights: Death Metal – The Last Stories of the DC Universe #1

by Carl Bryan
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Review: Dark Nights: Death Metal – The Last Stories of the DC Universe #1  


[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

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Reviewed by: Carl Bryan




“I have a question…. What do you call a creature who’s greatest strength is their weakness…someone who can never win nor never lose…a person who must fight for justice, but in the end brings an end to justice?” – The Riddler

Dark Nights: Death Metal – The Last Stories of the DC Universe #1 – The last battle against the Batman Who Laughs is at hand…the final fight for everything in the universe. And while the night is usually darkest just before the dawn, what would be the last thing you’d do if you weren’t sure the dawn would ever arrive?

Join our heroes in their waning hours as we show their journeys through what could be their final moments…heroes that have fought a million times before, but are keenly aware this could be their endgame. These are the stolen moments detailing the last stories of the DC Universe.


What a retrospective piece (Together) that these authors have put together for the “calm before the storm”.  Joshua Williamson, James Tynion IV and Scott Snyder foreshadow a “passing of the torch” vibe in the Titans reunion piece.  What really resonated lately in Snyder’s work as well as Tom Taylor’s is the use of a lot of DC characters we have not seen lately.

To see a 1977  Duela Dent’s (The Joker’s Daughter/Harlequin) face staring back at me when reading the first story was refreshing as a comprehensive Titans tribute as one could find.  I always thought that Harley Quinn had a bit of influence in this character, and to see this small tribute was awesome!

To split this story as a bookend to the entire comic is magnificent as it truly is a story that makes the entire saga across a multitude of comics, multiverses, and themes literally come together!

Jeff Lemire’s Last Knights is a poignant tale of Hal Jordan and his one time mentor Sinestro putting aside their differences for a day to “live without fear”.

Mariko Tamaki’s The Question brings Wonder Woman full circle in her introspection in light of her leadership, her motivation, and albeit her seemingly new role as being both the most powerful and the guiding light of the Trinity of herself, Superman and Batman.

Positives 2.0

Gail Simone explores Black Canary and Green Arrow’s relationship as they both search for the simplicity of who they both are together and get a bit of foreshadowing of what they are (or were?) to become with their family.

Whale Fall details Aquaman as resolute and really provides his loneliness as a hero and as a leader in two realms, the ocean and on land.

We Fight for Love  – no spoilers here, but this is one of the most poignant stories and what some Bat-Family fans have been rooting for for some time now.  

Superman’s Man of Tomorrow is a story of both self-sacrifice and altruism at its finest.  His long hair flowing reminiscent of his emerging after his death gives a reader “cause to pause”.  


Negatives  (Nah…. This is Positive 3.0) 

All the artists and writers step up to the plate to bring the timeline to this point.  Whether the case were miniseries issues or constant timelines, it is apparent that DC is “all in with their chips” when it comes to Dark Metal.


Perhaps I am anxious to see how all of this culminates.  The recognition that Batman is already dead resonates strongly in how Bruce will come back (or if he does).  This event has spilled over into Tom Taylor’s DCeased universe (as well as it should since this is a battle for the Multiverses).  If you have been a fan of the Dark Metal since its inception years ago, you can see why this “love letter” if you will from Scott Snyder means so much at this time.  Kudos to the “calm before the storm” as we are all anxious to see the implications.  

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