Review: Catwoman #28

by Carl Bryan
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Review: Catwoman #28

[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writer: Ram V.

Artist:  Fernando Blanco

Letters:  Tom Napolitano

Colors: Eco Plascencia  

Reviewed by: Carl Bryan




“We are the tyranny of greater men.” – Keane.

Catwoman #28 – Apparently taking down the mob, straightening out some crooked cops, and gaining control of Alleytown is not enough for Selina.
She’s also taken it upon herself to make sure the streets of her newly adopted home are safe for the group of stray kids she’s taken under her wing-and she’s going to do it by teaching them to steal the streets back for themselves!
Introducing: Catwoman and the Strays!



Fernando Blanco draws a cityscape of Alleytown that tells a story in and of itself. As Ram V indicates in his story, it’s a “crappy little town in the middle of a uban desert.” 

Blanco should use his art in the Bladerunner series as he makes the landscape as much of a character as Catwoman is in this series.

Ram V and Blanco give us a Tarrintino type introduction of The Khadym Mob and The Alleytown Strays.  It’s “Home Alone” style as these strays defend their turf.  


Positives 2.0

Ram V creates a true to life experience since he has taken over Catwoman.  No magic or parlor tricks.  It’s the grit of the city with dirty cops, drug dealers, orphans, and a matriarch in Selina overseeing the cleanup of Alleytown.

The year deal she made with Batman is panning out as Catwoman is working on herself.  No time for Death Metal or escapades with the Justice League.  She’s doing real work!

Ram V writes a Catwoman who covers all the angles and leaves no stone unturned.  And right on cue…Father Valley makes an appearance.

The biblical assassin hired by the Penguin to take out Catwoman over the fortune she turned over to Lucius Fox after the Joker War and Selina have finally met.  He’s the eerie Stephen King type character that describes himself as “the shepherd’s left hand….the dark prayer in the night.. and the redeemer’s kindly scythe”.  What a script! Ram V drips him into Selina’s life.  He’s scary!




None here as the story works within the grittiness of the streets, the police work, the whole drug and underworld vibe. I fear that the clock is ticking on this gritty book as Future State is on the horizon.



Ram V keeps delivering with a solid story line.  Blanco and Eco Plascencia are painting a world that is every bit as dark as the villains it holds.  But that purple haze is Catwoman setting things right.  Father Valley continues to lurk…He’s a bad man!



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