Zenescope Review: Grimm Fairy Tales Myths And Legends Quarterly: Gretel Witch Hunter

by Kendra Hale
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Review: Grimm Fairy Tales Myths And Legends Quarterly: Gretel Witch Hunter

Gretel Witch Hunter

[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Written By: Dave Franchini

Art By: See Graphic Below

Colors By: See Graphic Below

Lettering By: Taylor Esposito (Of Ghost Glyph Studios)

Lettering Assist By: Mariano Benitez Chapo

Review By: Kendra Hale


Gretel Witch Hunter credits


I have been a long-time Zenescope fan, so when the chance came to review books from them, it was an absolute no-brainer.  The world that has been created in the Grimm Fairy Tales setting over the years has gained beloved characters from Alice in Wonderland, Peter Pan, and other beloved children’s tales. All of these have a horror twist, which always caught my fancy, and Grimm Fairy Tales Myths And Legends Quarterly: Gretel Witch Hunter is no exception.

The story follows Gretel, of Hansel and Gretel fame, in her long life endeavor to destroy all of the witches in the world. Yeah, you read that right long life, as in Gretel has been working to make those who traumatized her pay the price for over 500 years. Along with her is Calabar, who has the same agenda in mind.  But there is another evil brewing and another story to be told as Gabriel enters the fray. Gabriel’s tale is depressing and horrific in its own. As a boy, he was forced to watch his Mother burned at the stake as a witch. But in her case, it was not untrue and she, along with her fellow sisters, have passed their power onto Gabriel. 

There are forces at work and Gretel may not have the snuff to take on this evil.

Gretel Witch HunterGretel Witch HunterGretel Witch Hunter


One thing I have always loved about Zenescope’s world is that you can come in at anytime and feel welcomed. There really isn’t a huge amount of things that you absolutely HAVE to know in order to enjoy their series. Gretel Witch Hunter is full of both wonder and horror. The artwork adjusts to suit just those purposes. A brilliant story of heartbreak, personal journeys, and background stories that are really enjoyable to read. 


I really don’t have any, even the turns in art were smooth and not jarring at all.


A definite tour of all that embodies Zenescope’s lines. Fluid writing, brilliant and beautiful art, great characters with flare. Always a joy. 


5outof5 DC Comics News


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