Indie Comics Review: BRZRKR #2

by Tony Farina
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Boom! Studios Review: BRZRKR #2

BRZRKR #2[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writers: Keanu Reeves and Matt Kindt

Artist: Ron Garney

Colorist: Bill Crabtree

Letters: Clem Robins

Reviewer: Tony Farina


U.S. government Doctor Diana Ahuja seeks to unlock the mysterious B.’s memories – lifetimes of violence and tragedy like no one else who has ever lived that began with a fateful decision in ancient Mesopotamia. But is Diana here to help him… or is she serving a darker agenda


BRZRKR #2 is once again gloriously bloody. There are several pages toward the end of the book that are simply stunning. Ron Garney is just leaning into the ultra violence. There is no reason to pretend this book is not what it is, so why not just give it to us? Not for the faint of heart, but perfect for someone who wants this kind of epic, sweeping tale.

Kindt and Reeves are not pulling any punches either. They are not pretending that the governments of the world would not bend over backward to accommodate and use a person who has the abilities that B has. Of course, they also acknowledge that B is smart enough to know that he too has no choice. There is an amazing conversation being had in this book about being born and dealing with who we are on a genetic level. I like it.


This issue gives a bit more away than I thought it would. Clearly, Kindt and Reeves want us to know all this now for a reason, but it seems like an odd place to stop and give us the full backstory without letting us try to guess at all. The first issue did such a great job with teasing and giving just enough information to keep us wanting more and invoking a conversation with fellow readers. Here, we just know. Sure, there are still some things to be explained, but we understand B more than I think we should at this stage in the game.


BRZRKR #2 gives us B’s back story and it makes us feel both fear of him and pity for him. Born a weapon, he feels his only option is to act like one. Will that remain true as this tale unfolds? I suspect it actually will. We have 10 more months to find out for sure, but I don’t think, based on what I know of Matt Kindt, that there will be any sunsets into which B gets to ride at the end of this story. If I am wrong, I will own it.  Until then, I look forward to the next bloody mess.


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