Review: Nightwing #80

by Tony Farina
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Review: Nightwing #80

Nightwing #80


[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writer: Tom Taylor

Artist: Bruno Redondo

Colors: Adriano Lucas

Letters: Wes Abbott

Reviewer: Tony Farina


Dick Grayson’s always had a big heart. From protecting those persecuted by bullies in his youth, to combating evil alongside Batman as Robin, to pledging his newly inherited wealth to enriching Blüdhaven as Nightwing – his kindness and generosity have always guided his life. But now a new villain stalks the back alleys of Blüdhaven, removing the hearts of the city’s most vulnerable. Who is this terrifying new menace named Heartless, and will he be able to resist plucking out the biggest heart in all of Blüdhaven? Read this (literally) heart-wrenching issue to find out!

Nightwing #80


Nightwing #80 features my favorite Robin! I love that Dick acknowledges that Tim is the best robin too. Now that Dick has said it, can we all stop pretending? This issue is packed with emotions, sexual tension, and some amazing jokes as well. If DC does not hire Tom Taylor to write the Nightwing movie, they will have made a mistake. This book is perfect. Since Tom took over this book, he constantly reminds us how Dick sees the other Robins and how he sees himself. He is a big brother who loves them all (even Damian probably). Of course he does. He is Dick Grayson so he loves everyone. He isn’t IN LOVE with everyone. There maybe a genius red-head, lawyer, librarian with photographic memory who holds a special place in his heart. We shall see.


Nightwing #80

Then, there is Bruno’s art. ON POINT once again. His Nightwing is, of course, special, but his Robin is a delight as well. He does something that should be easy to do, but for some reason isn’t for all artists, he makes it very clear who Dick is and who Tim is. They shouldn’t look alike and so they don’t. Thank you sir. Also, there is a visual joke about Babs as Oracle in their ears that I refuse to spoil but that I love, love love. Can I say love one more time? Love.



Nightwing #80 has only one fault… it ended.



Once again, this title is a joy. A treasure. A thing of beauty. Each month, a get a new delivery of awesome that makes me realize what it is I love about comics in the first place. Tom and Bruno simply get it. They love comics too. If this book does not sweep the Eisners next year, then maybe I don’t understand anything.



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