Jordan Fisher Debuts in Flash Poster as Impulse!

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Jordan Fisher, like Bart Allen, apparently cannot wait to debut on The Flash.

The CW has released an official poster debuting Fisher as Impulse ahead of the 150th episode in which he’ll debut. The composition and pose of Fisher is an homage to the splash of him returning at the end of the DC Rebirth storyline, “Speed Force War.” Although it has had mixed reviews, the costume designers have produced a comics-faithful suit.

Bart Allen’s history in the comics is as erratic as his codename. He debuted in October 1990 in The Legion of Superheroes Volume 4 #13. His original comics background revealed he was the son of Don Allen and Melani Thawne, Eobard Thawne’s descendant. Aged to adolescence due to his hypermetabolism, Bart was sent to present day to be trained by then-Flash Wally West. First founding Young Justice alongside Superboy, Robin, and Wonder Girl, they then became the next generations of Teen Titans. After having his knee shattered by a bullet from Deathstroke, Bart recovered and took Wally’s old code name Kid Flash. Bart then briefly was artificially aged by the events of Infinite Crisis, leading to him briefly assuming the mantle of The Flash himself. He was later killed by The Rogues, but then later resurrected and returned to his true age. Post-Flashpoint and then post-Rebirth, Bart finally made his return following Barry and Wally’s accidental damaging of the Speed Force. He currently can be found in the pages of the second volume of Young Justice.

Fisher is the second actor to portray Bart in a live action medium. The first was Kyle Gallner in the WB/CW series Smallville during its fourth season. Bart has also been an integral character in the animated series Young Justice, voiced by Jason Marsden.

On-set photos have revealed that not only will he – reworked as Barry and Iris’s son instead of their grandson – will debut, but Nora Allen (Jessica Parker-Kennedy) will return.  In the finale of the fifth season, she was erased from existence due to changes in the timeline manipulated by The Reverse-Flash. This suggests the new timeline will see Iris giving birth to twins, as opposed to Nora being an only child.

The 150th episode of The Flash will premiere in July on the CW.

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