Review: Batwoman 2×14 – “And Justice For All”

by Steven Brown
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Review: Batwoman 2×14 – “And Justice For All”

batwoman season 2


[Editor’s note: This review may contain spoilers!]

Director: Robert Duncan

Writers: Ebony Gilbert, Maya Houston

Starring: Javicia Leslie, Camrus Johnson, Rachel Skarsten, Nicole Kang, Dougray Scott, Meagan Tandy

Reviewed by: Steven Brown




The citizens of Gotham are met with the consequences of a new, more potent version of Snakebite. Meanwhile, Ryan, Luke and Sophie find themselves locked up by the Gotham City Police Department. Alice attempts to find a way to bring Kate back from her hypnotic state thanks to Enigma.


The episode starts off by showing us a deadlier version of snakebite that does more than gives its victims a temporary high. This version of snakebite turns its victims into insatiable, cannibalistic zombies. At first it starts out as a small isolated incident, with Batwoman taking out the zombie rather easily. The next day, a fundraiser is held at Ryan’s bar for the community center. Everything seems to be going well until the GCPD shows up. Claiming a disturbance and lack of permit, Luke and Ryan find themselves arrested for disorderly conduct. Investigating the situation herself, Sophie soon finds herself locked up as well–which I must admit completely surprised me. Although a bleak situation, something positive did come from it, as all three shared their personal stories about their pasts. It really provided us more insight into Sophie, and from that Ryan has started to see her a little differently. This was something I’ve been hoping for myself, because if Ryan and Sophie could put their differences aside, I think they would really be a great team.

The Negatives

My only complaint about Batwoman 2×14 came honestly from Black Mask, who was almost completely sidelined this episode. I find it hard to believe that the supplier of snakebite doesn’t know his drugs are turning people into cannibals. I was hoping it would be addressed at some point, but it never was which I thought was odd. Alice’s struggle to get Kate’s memories back is still going on here as well–but at this point do we care? “And Justice For All” was one of the best episodes of this season, but there is so much going on I kind of felt like I had to pick and choose which characters and stories to care about. At this point I’m not even sure if Alice is even a villain anymore, because it seems that no one in Gotham is looking for her at all. She almost comes and goes as she pleases throughout Gotham, and at times its become annoying.


Overall, I thought Batwoman 2×14 was a good episode. I was happy that Luke, Ryan and Sophie were able to find common ground and an understanding. Jacob thanks to Mary is recuperating from snakebite and was able to help her with another patient who was becoming cannibalistic. This led to a revelation by Mary of Jacob’s guilt, and the reasons for his addiction. What started off as a warning, turned into a full addiction with consequences ranging from Jacob’s personal life to even affecting the CROWS. The episode leaves on a cliffhanger with a shocking ending. I must admit I was hurt at the end and I hope that this particular character pulls through this situation. I’ll definitely be watching the next episode with some anticipation.


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