Review: Future State: Gotham #2


[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writer:  Dennis Culver, Joshua Williamson

Artist: Giannis Milonogiannis

Letters: ALW’s Troy Peteri  

Reviewed by: Carl Bryan




“So you want me to go undercover and infiltrate the Magistrate?  Betray my family and everything they stand for?  .” – The Red Hood aka The Red Magistrate

Following the events of Infinite Frontier #1, The Joker is the most wanted man in the world!

Future State: Gotham #2 – The event that was DC Future State continues in its own ongoing title starring the Bat-Family, beginning with the epic story “Hunt the Batman.”
Tragedy has brought Gotham City to its knees. Countless people are dead, seemingly at the hands of the Next Batman.
Gotham demands justice, and Red Hood has vowed to answer their call. Even if that means beating his way through Nightwing and the rest of the Bat-Family to do it.
Featuring the entire cast from the popular Future State Batman titles, this new series kicks off the next chapter in this forbidding world of tomorrow, and does so in brilliant, monochromatic storytelling!
This black-and-white series will showcase the brutal world that’s around the corner in Future State Gotham!


DC has a lot of balls in the air as Future State opened up a lot of questions.  Currently we are in the events that lead up to the creation of the Magistrate and subsequently the Peace Keepers.  So instead of letting things run the natural course in the current timeline, we get a very solid black and white rendering of the continuation of the Future State storyline.

Again, I am not sure if DC is patient with us as readers as someone there wants this story told and told soon.  However, it is billed as “what could happen”, so this may be an alternate timeline.  The story is solid and an Easter Egg or two is provided. 

Trust me in that you want to buy this issue and the prior one as this starts connecting the entire Batman Future State saga.



I am a bit disappointed in that we had the Black and White issues of Batman and we are even given a repeat story in this story arc that was introduced in Batman: Black & White.  Apparently, this story arc needed the insertion and a little foreshadowing must have been warranted, but I don’t ever like “cash grabs” and repeat stories in new books.

The art seems rushed.  There is a way to do a black and white comic, and there are frames that appear to be hot off the sketch board. 

Negatives (more)

Okay…We have the regular timeline (or do we?)  I mean now Bruce is arguably not as wealthy as he was dealing with the aftermath of Bane and Joker and the beginnings of The Magistrate.  But then we have to buy into Future State again as that was promised as the future that could be…Charles Dickens anyone? We also have the Murphyverse which is pared down a bit in characters, but an entirely different Batman saga.  The Detective?  Yep…got that one?  You should.  Urban Legends?  Yep…buy that too. But Batman is still brooding a bit in Justice League.  Confused…yeah me too.  But this story is good and seems to be well on its way to wrapping things up…. in this timeline at least.


I enjoyed City of Bane, Joker War, and Future State.  And now the prequel to Future State, but how can we “catch up” if the Future keeps coming at us.  Ponder that as you read this comic.  Is it good?  Yeah…but it should have been in Black & White where it belongs.  



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