Arrowverse’s Batwing Suit Revealed For Batwoman Debut

by Brad Filicky
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Batwoman’s Batwing has finally been revealed in a set of new pictures, showing star Camrus Johnson in the character’s signature blue-and-black suit. Johnson has played Luke Fox on the CW show since season 1, and fans have been waiting for his superhero transformation for a while. Now, they can finally get a glimpse at what the CW’s Batwing will look like in action.

Fans of the comics know that the original Batwing was a man named David Zavimbe, who became part of Batman Incorporated after meeting Bruce Wayne. He acquired his own suit, and became Batwing and fought crime and corruption in his home city of Tinasha, a fictional location set in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Eventually Luke Fox, the son of longtime Batman ally Lucius Fox took up the suit and name to fight crime in Gotham alongside other classic Batman characters. Since the beginning of Batwoman, that version of Batwing has been heavily teased. And if you have been watching the show you know that Luke Fox has dealt with a lot this season. Trust me, Luke faced things I would wish on my worst enemy.

The suit itself looks pretty intimidating. Tactical, but still sleek. It hearkens back to the comics but still stays true the aesthetics of the show. Check out pics below!

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